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If you ever get a Chatroulette Ban then we have the solutions for you. Just be aware that bans people based on the flash files left on your computer.

So let’s say you go to today and then get reported by people for some reason. This is where the term Chatroulette Ban is going to restrict you from getting into the random video chat thing on the website.

I was searching for all possible solutions for Chatroulette Ban until I found this website letsgeek which has discovered the way Chatroulette bans people.

You can use the easiest method by using Free VPN service and access Chatroulette website. Or else just continue reading below.

Chatroulette Ban

There is an online tool from Adobe that you need to visit and delete the chatroulette website from the list. This may also work on Sites Like Chatroulette, so go ahead and visit this link now:

The image that you see at the top is not an image but it is the actual tool that I talked about. The websites displayed are the ones which has stored files on your computer which Chatroulette uses to differentiate between banned and unbanned computer.

However you can also visit this link from a banned ip address to remove yourself as well:

The best tip to not to get banned from Chatroulette is:

1) Follow their terms of service

2) Do not let others report you from your behavior

3) Just think twice before you random chat with someone

If none of the Chatroulette ban solutions do not work then try a different browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and also clean cache, cookies from your browser.

Hope you find a way out of this topic to evade from a Chatroulette Ban. Share this article with other friends who use Chatroulette for fun.


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  1. There is NO WAY to get passed a ban. Guys jerking off are free to stay, but someone just looking at the cam gets banned and can’t do anything about it. I reset flash files like this site says to do, I reset regular internet files, I ran CCleaner, I used a VPN to get another IP, I used proxies, I reset my router/modem, NOTHING. Still banned. It is absolutely ridiculous.

  2. you dont even have to do any of this, i stumbled on a way to get unbanned in no time. When the gender identifier comes up, just press and hold “A” until the counter hits the number you need. The site can’t keep up and counts it as a correct selection, i just did it and was unbanned in minutes after being banned for no reason.

  3. tx a lot :)

  4. good to learn about that Ban is available to restrict from getting into the random video chat thing on the website.

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