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Do you want to know which celebrity you look like? Then check out these cool Celebrity Look Alike Generator websites mentioned below. All you need to do is upload your picture with a clear view of your face and it will tell you if you are a celeb look alike.

How does it feel when someone says that your face resembles that of a famous celebrity? Isn’t it a nice feeling to know your face is compared to that of a famous person? These tools are enabled with Face recognition technology and it analyzes your picture and tells you which famous celebrity shares a similar face with you.

Many of these websites do try their best to match your facial characteristics with their existing celebrity database. So go ahead and try using these sites and tell us if you are indeed a celeb look alike!

Don’t be disappointed if there are no celebrity faces that matches with yours, it’s because you are UNIQUE!

Celebrity look a like generator

Note: You can use the following websites which are Celebrity Look Alike Generator websites. There are not too many websites and apps, but I’ve try my best to give you what is available.

Upload your image with a clear view of your face and then wait for a minute or two. And then the result will be displayed with the closest match from the many celebrity faces in their database. Now go ahead!

http://www.pictriev.com/ (Read more about Pictriev)

2 http://www.faceplusplus.com/demo-search/ (Demo)

3 http://www.findmydoppelganger.com/ (need to sign up)

4 http://celebrity.myheritage.com/look-alike-meter (Not celeb)

Also I found a Facebook app called as Monsosie, which can tell your celebrity look alike right on FB: https://www.facebook.com/games/?fbs=133&app_id=962405217118881

Look Alike Apps for Apple iOS:

Do you own an Apple iPhone or an iPad? Then here is an app that you can use it and find out your celebrity look alike:

i   Twin2me.com (Paid App)

ii  CelebTwin-celebrity-look-alike

iii Look-Alike-App

You might be interested in knowing the riches and wealth of your famous celebrity by checking out this: Celebrity Net Worth Or perhaps this: Celebrity Look Alike Quiz and Test!!!

And for the Android fans:

i   Celeb look alike generator app

ii Picitup Celebrity Matchup

iii Myheritage Mobile

And here is a collection of websites where you can find common people who look like celebrities:

TMZ.com Celebrity Look Alikes

Boston.com Celebrity Look Alikes

Theinsider.com Double Take

And when you’re done with everything check this out: Celebrity Look Alike App for Android and iOS? You can check out which celebrity looks like you with the resources provided!

If you like celebrities and their lives then check out this post on 13 Celebrity Gossip Sites and be updated with the latest celeb news.

Hope you enjoyed this post, share it with your friends and see if they look like any of the famous celebs!


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