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Are you in the mood to play a quick and fun game? Maybe you’re at work and you caught a dead moment or on your boyfriend/girlfriend’s computer (not using your own) waiting for them to get out of the shower, so the option of downloading and installing a game is not really available to you. Not unless you’re looking for trouble. So the best solution is to go for an in-browser flash game. Today we’re going to present you with a portal that features countless of these flash games you can play almost anywhere. is the perfect place for you to make a quick stop, choose from the generous selection of flash games and finally unwind a little. Logging in the website you’ll be already faced with a list of popular games available on this website. Just by scrolling up and down you’ll be able to get a brief idea of what’s present on the website. For example gamers can choose to play Space Job, which has so far been rated by the people playing the game so far 87.8% positive.

To play a game simply hover the mouse above the thumbnail of the game you intend to play. A green “Play now” button will pop up. You’ll also have a chance to read a mini description of the game so you know what you’re heading into. Click on it and you’ll be transported to a new window where the flash game will start loading. After playing for a while you too can score the game by giving it a thumbs up (positive) or a thumbs down (negative) review.

However if scrolling up and down the main screen doesn’t do it for you and you can’t seem to find anything you like, you can start browsing by categories. Certainly everybody has a favorite type of games they will engage in playing whenever the chance is handed to them. For me it’s Cooking games. Bgames offers a decent enough collection of games where you own restaurants, cook delicious meals and serve your customers. You can find them here:

Other categories gamers can choose from brighten up their days are: Girl games (princesses, makeup and body modification included), Shooting, Puzzle, Kids, Action, Sport, Adventure and many many more. And when we say many more, we actually mean many more. Just click the green arrow button located after “Cooking games” and you’ll see how wide your choice actually is. For those who have a specific game in mind they would like to play or are returning to the website just so they can play a certain game, you can use the search bar located at the top of the main page. is an easy to use website that can get you countless hours of fun by virtue of a few clicks. But also check out these websites similar to that might interest you: – Come Play,  2 Scary Games and Who wants to be a Millionaire – Online Game.

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