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Music Lovers, here is a cool website that will help you discover and enjoy brand new songs from your favorite artists via Internet radio streaming. is a free live radio station service that allows users to enjoy their favorite music everywhere as long as they are connected to the Internet.

To start enjoying music log in to the website and choose between the options presented on the main site. For a randomly generated song you can pick one of the three radio stations presented under Featured: Into Radio Station, Musikexpress Radio Station or the Nu Disco Beat Station. A quick click on the first option produced for a Lana del Rey song from the album “Born to Die”. You can pause and resume the song while listening and if you really like you can also Love the track. But for your loves to be saved and listed somewhere you will need to sign up and with an account for the website. You will then have access to filing up a profile with your Personal Information, Geographical Information, Address or Telephone Number and start interacting with other users of the website.

Furthermore presuming you like Lana del Rey’s songs you can buy them after you listen to them directly from the The website will redirect you to an official show which sells the song. The site offers a tight integration with social network life by allowing music lovers to share their likes on Facebook, Twitter or Google plus. For example while listening to Video Games by Lana we can see that 852 people have shared it via Google+. One particularity of this website which we don’t see in the competition ( or Spotify) is the possibility to express one’s dissatisfaction with a song by clicking on the I don’t like this song button.

Now let’s assume you have a very particular taste in music and you won’t listen to just about everything. Britney Spears and other light pop artists are definitely not your cup of tea, so you want to avoid stumbling into them. You can ensure that by browsing Aupeo via Genre stations. Lovers of any kind of music can find a genre that would suit them. Choose between R&B, Blues, Electronic, Rock and Classical:


Clicking on one particular genre will give you a comprehensive list of appealing channels. We opted for Rock and we got a bunch of interesting choices like 50s Best Rock, Hair Metal, Shoegaze, Planet Prog or Underground Nation:

We’re fans of Post-Rock and we were very pleased to find out that the site also offers a Post-Rock channel. Browsing it we stumbled upon beautiful songs such as Mono – Pure as snow or Sigur Ros – Samskeyti. We full heartedly recommend the channel!

If you access the site with the intent of listening to an artist in particular we recommend you browse the Artist Stations. Here you can browse artists by Letters. We quickly spotted Alice in Chains in the A section and nostalgically listened to Angry Chair.

Aupeo is available in browser as well as in the form of an app for iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone.

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