2 Scary Games

The ultimate scary games website 2 Scary Games is just what you need to feel the adrenaline when you are online. Can you believe that a games website which is totally dedicated in scaring people while they play?

Play some of the very scary games on this website alone or with your friends on your computer and try to accomplish the tasks. It’s always a great thrill to get scared and now this is your chance to get afraid while you play some of the coolest online games on the Internet.

You can take a guess that this is the real deal when it comes to playing scary games online without downloading anything. All you need is an Internet browser that has adobe flash installed with a working Internet connection. This should be more than enough for you to start playing some bloody scary games; you might also need some courage as well.

There are lots of categories for scary games on this website and some of them are:

  • Alien Games
  • Monster Games
  • Vampire games
  • Horror Games
  • Witch Games
  • Creepy Games

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2 Scary Games

We will detail out a couple of games on 2 Scary Games:

1)    http://www.2scarygames.com/play474-Absolute-Madness.html

All you need to do in this game is to kill other characters before they do. You get to choose from a wide variety of weapons for that you need to use the keys Q and E.

2)    http://www.2scarygames.com/play152-Scary-Maze-Game.html

You will definitely like Scary Maze Games because it tests your skills. You need to guide the blue point without touching the walls to the end point.

3)    http://www.2scarygames.com/play6-Scooby-Doo-The-Last-Act.html

How about a scary game with the characters from the Scary cartoon series Scooby Doo?

4)    http://www.2scarygames.com/play4516-Haunted-Halloween-Escape.html

This is a point and click room escape game where you need to get away from the room to save your life. Haunted house is the first thing that comes to everybody’s mind when it’s about a scary stuff.

5)    http://www.2scarygames.com/play3999-Sherlock-Holmes.html

Sherlock Holmes is the other name for thriller detective stories. How about you playing the character of the world famous detective and solve crime scenes under 90 seconds.

6)    http://www.2scarygames.com/play518-Escape-the-Boogeyman.html

Escape from the Boogeyman by choosing the correct door or prepare to die.

7)    http://www.2scarygames.com/play292-Kill-Bill-2.html

Remember the famous movie Kill Bill 2? Now you get to play this bloody game on your computer for free!

8)    http://www.2scarygames.com/play4579-Werewolf-Rider.html

This is one wicked game where you are the Werewolf rider and have to collect some nasty scary stuffs on the way.

So these are some of the awesome frightening games that you get to play on 2 Scary Games. Registration on this flash games site is optional, so you can play all of the games instantly as soon as it loads on your screen.

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  • adam

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  • Annet

    I’m a big fan of horror games. I’ll defenetly try to play all of these suggested games, thanks for sharing.

    • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

      Hi Annet, While you are on this website you should check out Scary Maze.. You will surely like it..

  • Jacko

    do you think these games are ok for children?

    • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

      Nope, these scary games are not for small children..

  • John Ernest

    I am not really a fan of scary games. But when I am bored and need the adrenaline to push me to do something, I play games and the scarier the game is the better. Thanks for this post, I’ll bookmark this for future use 😉

    • http://npxp.com Kamal Hasa

      2 Scary Games are fun and thrilling to young adults. Have a great time playing scary Games John..

  • Narendra

    Really nice post.. got scared hearing name of scary games.. would like to play.. i would like to have it downloaded to my pc so i can play without using internet connection.

  • Joey

    I think some of the games are not suitable for the kids since it is violent. these could contribute to violent behaviors. Thanks.