160by2.com Register and Login to send free sms

Have you done registration on 160by2.com yet? Are you new to it? If you have not, then register and login today to send free sms to anyone across India.

We will tell you how to go about with the 160by2.com registration page with this info based topic.

160by2 is a free sms site where you can send unlimited sms from the Internet. It is very easy to register for a 160by2 account and it requires only your phone number. You don’t have to enter your email address or even your name for that matter.

This is because every 160by2.com account is associated with a valid phone number, so do not give wrong numbers in there. This helps them to reduce spam accounts and also they can hold you responsible if the account is misused.

So be wise and use 160by2 for personal use and just send good, clean sms to the people whom you know. If you try to send sms to strangers then you might be liable to the damages caused.

160by2.com Registration

Download the 160by2 Mobile Application to send free sms from your mobile. Check this out if you like to send free sms from PC: Top 10 Free SMS Sites!

Alright then, just follow these steps in order to complete the 160by2.com Registration:

1) You need to enter a valid Indian Phone Number
2) Enter the number (code) that you see in the picture
3) Read the terms and conditions (if you really need to)
4) Click on Register

Once you are registered on 160by2.com you will get a code to verify your account, the sms is sent out within seconds to your mobile phone.

Visit 160by2.com Registration Page to get your free account @ http://www.160by2.com/UserReg

That’s it, now you just have to go to the 160by2.com login page and then start sending free sms.

If you face any difficulties or unable to register for an account then do let us know about the problems. You can also contact 160by2 directly to get the issue resolved as well.



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